Make a Difference, Even if Only in a Small Way

Recently, I was able to connect with some old friends, some of whom had moved away after high school to attend college and pursue dreams. One of my ‘big city’ friends had asked me what life in Tomah was like now and how I liked my new ‘job’. First of all, I have to laugh. You’ve all heard the old adage “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Going to work doesn’t feel like a job, but a daily reward I receive for caring about my community. Part of living in a smaller community means there are opportunities available to each of us to make a difference, if even in a small way.


There are numerous ways to become involved in our community. We have numerous organizations in which a person can become involved including cancer support, clean water, elderly assistance, veterans assistance, arts, feeding the hungry, personal/professional development, educating children, mentoring college students, beautifying Tomah, and so on and so forth…a person just needs to find something they are passionate about and there is a group to become a part of.


After attending the last few City Council meetings, I am struck by how easy it is to know what is going on in our town. Each of us has the opportunity to learn what our city representatives are doing to better Tomah. By attending the Long Range Planning Committee meetings, we can hear about how appointed committee members are serving the community’s wishes with the 10 in 10 plan (top ten goals in ten years, derived from strategic planning sessions and survey that went out to the community.) Exciting stuff is happening here folks! Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was amazing when it was completed! In the same way, positive change takes time, and we are headed in the right direction. I am excited about the future of Tomah, I am excited to learn about the developments that are being planned, and I am inspired by the individuals who donate their time and energy to making Tomah a truly great place to work and live.


Here at the Chamber and Visitor’s Center, our mission is “To Promote a Culture where Businesses Prosper and our Families and Community Flourish.” This is a pretty simple statement for what we hope to achieve. We have inquiries every day about events going on in our community. We regularly hear about new jobs and expansions that are coming from business leaders. Best of all, we have the opportunity to welcome visitors and brag about all of the exciting things that differentiate our area. We find some of the best things about our ‘jobs’ at is networking with people, providing tools for collaboration, promoting Tomah and uniting businesses while providing a platform to showcase themselves. We strive to provide valuable experiences, opportunities and information through our events, programs and communications. We strive to make a difference by achieving our mission.


To answer my friend’s question, life in Tomah is robust, action packed and fulfilling. Life in Tomah means being a part of a community in a way that allows me to contribute at the ground floor level. Life in Tomah is what I make it to be by taking advantage of the bountiful opportunities that surround me. Whether someone comes here to live, or just visit, I think Tomah is pretty amazing and I hope you do too.


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